Wedding Dresses in Glasgow

B R I D A L  G A R D E N

Once upon a time..........


Jordana, creative director at Jordana Events Design and florist, established the business back in 2007. After tying the knot in Aberdeen’s Ardoe House she discovered a passion to decorate venues.
Now Scotland’s most go to woman for wedding decor, she has transformed many of the UK’s venues.

Known for transforming ordinary spaces into luxurious surroundings Jordana has worked with many of Scotland’s celebrities from movie directors, actors and footballers.

On Valentine’s day 2015, she opened her first bridal boutique, the Bridal Garden which is located in Glasgow’s West End,

“I remember when I was getting married I really struggled to find something unique. I travelled everywhere and found there needed to be a store in Scotland that offered brides quality with amazing service. It’s the most important gown you will ever buy - it has to be a wonderful experience."

Now travelling to NYC bridal fashion week twice a year to bring the latest fashion to Glasgow, the Bridal Garden is ​​​​​​"THE ULTIMATE BRIDAL EXPERIENCE"

​"Our designers are exclusive and fabulous!

When you visit us, our team of passionate and knowledgeable stylists will help you find your special wedding dress.  We want your experience with us to be personal, enjoyable and memorable. Your bridal dress is the most important gown you will ever wear, and we want everything to be perfection for our brides."

Our bridal shop is located in Glasgow's west end, close to the city centre. 

The Bridal Garden offer luxury gowns from £1800